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The Idea



I write the kind of books I'd like to read.

Science Fiction is in my blood. As a young teen I was fascinated by Podkayne of Mars by Robert Heinlein and Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin--one copy an old paperback of my father's, the other a paperback he bought me on a business trip.

Although I went on to study classic literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the most influential science fiction in book and film has always been with me. Adding my visions to the canon has been a natural extension of the endless hours I've spent thinking about other writers' works.

There is so much scope in this genre. Imagination is set loose to see forward to possible futures. The stories can be a portent, a fear, or a hope. 

I like character-driven fiction, no matter what genre I'm writing or reading in, but I love a story arc, so a strongly-plotted beginning, middle, and an end will always be the structure holding everything together. In a series the grand arc of the whole is the even greater challenge.

The current series I'm writing, Starship Portals, has adventure, exploration, and mystery, but most of all it has characters trying to survive. I hope you enjoy getting to know the characters, both well-intentioned and ill, as their stories unfold.



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